Lettering Layouts

If you've ever struggled with which lettering styles to pair in a layout, how many of them to pair, how to integrate design elements, text weight and scale, this class has you covered.

Understanding Effective Layouts

Follow best practices for discovering how the elements within layouts work and what you can do to apply the same elements to your own work.

Communicating the Message

Learn how to create emphasis in all of the right places for impactful, beautiful messaging that resonates with the reader.

Layout Planning & Adjusting

Follow along with some quick exercises to plan out your layout and adjust it to perfection without starting over each time.

Take it Further

Once you create a layout you love, follow the next steps for digitizing your artwork and using it for multiple applications in the future.

Class Projects

Bounce Lettering Directions
Simple Layout

Ease into the process with a simple layout with a low word count and minimal elements.

Bounce Lettering Practice Words
Advanced Layout

Build on the process and introduce longer phrases with more dynamic elements.

Paintbrush Core Strokes Practice Sheets
Complex Layout

Best practices for lengthy quotes and phrases with flourishes and illustrative elements.

Why this Class is Different

The Entire Process, Narrated.

Seeing someone create a layout in a timelapse is fun, but understanding why certain elements, styles and scales were chosen is even better.


No layouts were prepared in advance of their recordings; you witness the entire process in the most genuine way, from start to finish. Every design consideration is narrated along the way so you know the 'why's' while also witnessing the 'how's'.

With bonuses to help your process along, you'll have everything you need to dissect successful layouts and apply everything you learn into your own work in a logical, meaningful way. No matter how far along you are in your layout journey, you can take things as simple or as complex as you'd like.

Learn Lettering

Your Instructor

Teela Cunningham
Teela Cunningham

Hey! I’m Teela and I help creatives build and improve their digital skills to open new opportunities.

If you’re familiar with Every Tuesday, then you know my love for lettering, design and illustration runs deep. In fact, in the last 7 years, I’ve taught over 250,000 students and my tutorials on YouTube have accumulated over 20 million views.

I love sharing what I’ve learned throughout my career and motivating others to create something new every week.

Course Curriculum

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Bonus Lettering Materials

Clickable Class Materials List

Everything mentioned throughout the class is listed on this handy, clickable pdf.

15 Bonus Lettering Quotes to get started

15 Practice Quotes Sheet

Need a few quotes to practice the exercises with? Use this quotes sheet to get started ASAP.

Lettering Bonus Inspiration

Inspiration Elements Cheat Sheet

Use this cheat sheet for pairing lettering styles, using different design elements and integrating dynamism throughout your layouts.

Lettering Layouts

$ 37

Create impactful, beautiful hand lettered messages in Lettering Layouts! By the end of the class, you'll understand which styles to pair in a layout, how many of them to pair, how to integrate design elements, text weight and scale. Use the included bonus cheat sheets for practice and future reference whenever you need them!

3 Modules
8 Videos
1.15 Hrs
  • Access to 8 HD step-by-step videos
  • Unlimited updates
  • Inspiration elements cheat sheet
  • 15 practice quotes sheet
  • Clickable class resources list
  • Lifetime access to the class

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I access the course for?
Forever! As long as Every-Tuesday exists, this course will be available to watch. Take it at whatever pace you’d like, watch whenever, wherever and as many times as you’d like
Will I be able to access all of the videos at once?
How is this class different than the one on Skillshare?
This is the same class, but it’s available as a one time purchase here, where you will receive lifetime access and qualify for future updates. Skillshare classes are not updated and you need to maintain an active subscription on their platform if you’d like to refer back to the course in the future. Yay, options!
I’m still learning hand lettering. Is this for me?
Yes! Having layouts in mind, even as you learn and develop your lettering further will enhance your outcomes much faster. If you ever plan to create or sell stationery or freelance artwork with multiple words/styles, layout design will play a critical role moving forward.

“This class was SO helpful in figuring out how to get those amazing layouts. I never thought I’d be able to design like this! Thank you so much!”

- Candace J.

“A really thoughtful perspective on layouts… this has really opened up a whole new world of ideas and interpretation. Thank you SO much.”

- Chloe P.

“Excellent! I’m always stuck on how to do a layout. I can draw letters all day long. This helps move beyond and actually create something with those letters!”

- Lanie J.

“I am recently trying to letter quotes because I’m relatively new. Before I took this class it was SO overwhelming. I have had so much fun playing around with layouts now that I have taken this class. It gives clear direction and ideas! LOVE"

- Krysta B.

“Great class. Clearly taught and obviously well prepared for with the resource list and the general flow of the class. The process you learn is extremely helpful and she offers tips that you might not have even thought of doing before. She also shows you how to digitize your work very easily after which is a huge bonus. Would definitely recommend.”

- Hilary R.


Welcome to Lettering Layouts, your course for creating beautiful, balanced and impactful hand lettered messages.