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Fonts Created After Taking This Course

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Font Making Pens

The step-by-step process to create professional and profitable hand lettered fonts


Thought about font making, but felt this way?

Choosing the right software for making fonts

I'm not sure my lettering is 'good enough' to make a font.

You see other fonts, and as cool as it would be to see your lettering as a real, working font, intimidation kicks in. You know different styles sell, but you constantly question yours.

Learn how to connect letters for making fonts

The software's going to be too hard and time consuming.

Living in the pen and paper world has its upside. It's familiar, predictable, comfortable. Working with your lettering digitally makes you a little nervous, but 'programming' a font? *shivers*

Using the correct pens to make fonts

The market is too saturated. There's too much competition.

You'd really like to create your own font, but there are just soooo many available these days and you're just starting out. You wonder what chance you'd have to even get noticed.

I get it. And you're not alone, because that was me, too.

But here's the thing:

Buyer only cares if your font works for their project

Everyone's style is different, and that's a good thing!

You may think your style isn't 'attractive' enough or 'perfectly executed with thicks and thins', but a buyer only cares if your font works for their project. Any style of lettering can be made into a font!

The software is actually a lot easier than you might think.

I'll be there every step of the way.

The software is actually a lot easier than you might think, especially if you have someone guiding you through it, step by step. A basic font could be completed in less than a week, and the payoff is pretty significant: you end up with a digital item you spent time on once that you can sell over and over again. No overhead material costs. No shipping.

Competition is good

Competition = Demand

It may seem like there's too much competition, but that means there's a demand because the fonts you see are *selling*. With a few font selling strategies, you can get in front of those buyers.

In my first year creating and selling fonts, I made over $40,000 from font sales.

In this course, I'm sharing everything I did that got me there.

Who this course is for

Who this class is for

The Hobbyist

The person who started hand lettering as a side hobby, fell in love with it and wants to make extra income without the overhead costs of creating physical products.

Who this class is for

the stationery seller

The hand lettered physical product maker, who needs a break from printing shipping labels, packing orders and reordering supplies.

Who this class is for

the exhausted freelancer

The hand lettering hustler who wants to trade fewer hours for dollars and have a digital, automated product working selling overtime instead.

Who this class is for

the font dreamer

The lettering lover who has always dreamed of one day typing with their custom-made letters.

An online course for making fonts created by designers for designers

There are helpful tutorials online for font making, but a lot of them use language that can get confusing fast. We're speaking the same language here: no confusion, and as straightforward as possible. From one lettering artist to another.

Learn Font Making Interface

Why I love making hand lettered fonts

Unlike freelancing or hand lettered items on Etsy, your only investment is your time. Because fonts are a digital product, once a person purchases your font, they receive the file, you get paid, end of story. No shipping, no overhead material costs. Make a font once, sell it over and over. Game changer.

The right materials to use when creating your lettering for font creation

Scanning + vectorization process with every setting shared

Editing methods to tidy up your letters in Adobe Illustrator (all keystrokes listed on screen)

Lettering preparation tips to ensure all script characters connect seamlessly

How to bring your letters from Illustrator perfectly into the font making software

How to program all letters to pair and connect well with one another

Spacing and pairing of numbers, punctuation, symbols and accented characters

How to offer multilingual support with your font (which will also help to command a higher price for your fonts)

Programming font features and customizations, including contextual and stylistic alternates, standard and discretionary ligatures

How to test your font properly before posting it for sale

BONUS: Selling your font module: strategies and tips for pricing, naming, promotion, marketing and best places to sell

BONUS: How to prepare your letters on an iPad for font making (optional) and bring them into Adobe Illustrator for vectorization.

Font Making Plugins vs.Font Making Programs

Since this course focuses on creating professional fonts that are meant to sell, we'll be using a professional font making program (Glyphs).


Font making plugins and automated tools are easy to come by, but they lack many of the features to truly customize the experience and full capabilities a user has with a font.

If you just want to make a font quickly for personal use, a plugin is more than fine. If you'd like to sell a font, it's important to provide a high quality product you can supply support for. A high quality, fully customized font is best accomplished with professional font making software.

Student Spotlight
Beck M.

This course was the single, greatest investment I've made for my creativity, EVER. I'd always wanted to make hand-lettered fonts but gave up after nearly every attempt because I struggled to learn the programming aspect. Teela made it easy as pie -- the videos are a fantastic visual aid, and her instructions make learning the process so simple. In addition to the course, Teela's got an amazing community of fellow designers that provide feedback, suggestions, and experiences -- truly artists supporting artists! Teela also made herself super accessible and responds to any question with helpful information & constructive advice. Sign up -- you won't regret it.

Learn Font Making

The exact steps to create hand lettered fonts that sell, connect properly and are professionally executed.

  • We start from the very beginning with nothing left out. Get your letters prepared so they're perfect for font making.

  • Every component of the process and software is laid out with detailed instruction, so you won't wonder if you're doing things right; you'll know you are. And script font making? You'll have your letters connecting accurately in no time.

  • If you struggle with where and the right ways to sell your font, it'll be crystal clear. In the bonus selling module, we go over selling strategies (including naming, pricing and promotion), preparing your preview images to compete with established font makers, and outline the proper file structure a buyer will receive (including webfonts!).

Learn Font Making with the Glyphs App and profit
Student Spotlight
Joy K.

Ever since I started taking lettering seriously and made a business out of it, I've been dreaming about creating my own fonts. Sadly the process can be complicated and while there's information on how to do it if you search deeply, no other course or post I've read really goes deep into how to properly construct a font. And the thing is that if you want to sell your fonts, they need to be properly constructed and coded. That is why I worked on my first font for about 2 years without much luck until I signed up for this class with Teela. I was amazed with the fact that I learned everything I needed to finally launch my first font in just one week!

Teela has years of experience teaching, and you can tell right away the course is super easy to follow and the community behind the course is amazing. This has been one of my favorite classes and it paid for itself super fast after I released my first font. If you are thinking about enrolling, think no more, just do it!

Fonts Created After Taking This Course

click on any image for more info!

Student Spotlight
Jane Y.

Teela's brilliant course has given me all of the skills needed to successfully create 2 fonts! I was initially worried about using software that I was unfamiliar with, but Teela does such a good job breaking down the process into steps that are easy to follow. The Facebook group for this course is also super helpful and Teela and the other students reply to questions quickly making the process much smoother! The tips and tricks I have learned about Photoshop and Illustrator have helped me beyond font-making to streamline my process for digitizing my lettering and creating logos.

Create a font and make money
Creative Market

We can't keep count of how many new & amazing fonts have come to Creative Market as a result of Teela's awesome course.

Create a font and make money

Your Instructor

Teela Cunningham
Teela Cunningham

Hey! I’m Teela and I help ambitious graphic designers and hand letterers level-up their skills and creativity through online courses and free video tutorials on my site: every-tuesday.com.

If you’re familiar with Every-Tuesday, then you know my love for lettering + design runs deep. In fact, in the last 3 years, I’ve taught over 45,000 students and my design + lettering videos on youtube have accumulated over 5 million views.

I love sharing what I’ve learned over my career and the creative tips that will have your artwork leveling up in no time.

Class Curriculum

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  Class Bonuses
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Student Spotlight
Lindsay D.

Teela's class is absolutely a must if you want to learn how to make your own font. She took Glyphs, a program that looked intimidating to me, and explained how to use it simply and clearly. I am so glad that I seized the opportunity and took the class - it was worth it!

Student Spotlight
Milena B.

I cannot recommend this course enough. I can't recommend Teela as a teacher enough. The course was introduced and presented in a very accurate way, what you read is what you get. If hand-lettered fonts are something you want learn how to make, this is the course for you.

Student Spotlight
Rachel W.

Last year I tried to teach myself font making, but I was super frustrated by the lack of information out there. When I saw this course I felt like it had been made just for me! It was exactly what I needed. Teela broke the whole process down into easy to absorb steps, and she really goes above and beyond to help if you get stuck. This was the first course I'd ever bought for myself, and I am so glad I did!

Student Spotlight
Alexis G.

I was intimidated by Illustrator prior to the course, but this has made me a lot more fearless when it comes to playing around and experimenting with vectors. It's also helped me at work because I feel much more comfortable with both Illustrator and Photoshop. Teela is an amazing teacher and super helpful with any follow-up questions you might have. If you've developed your own lettering style, or even if you're still trying to find a style, the course really helps you understand all the elements of each letter and how they fit together.

Student Spotlight
Laura N.

I'm always a bit skeptic when it comes to online classes, but Teela's class exceeded my expectations. The whole course is well-structured, the tutorials are easy to follow and — to me even more important - extremely pleasant to watch. I guess I will never forget the feeling of typing out my name in MY font for the first time. Such a great experience! And seeing my font being used by others to create T-Shirts, their wedding invitation (what an honor!) or blog posts was a quite spectacular feeling as well. Thanks Teela for helping me to turn my handwriting into a font!

Student Spotlight
Sarah T.

I'm so happy Teela created this extensive course. I have taken a font making course before and it was great for me to get my toes wet but could only take me so far as there aren't a lot of resources for really getting into Glyphs. I didn't have the time or desire to read the Glyphs software manuals. Teela's course covers everything you need to know so you can put out a fully functional and valuable font (even how to connect those script letters!). I think the biggest bonus is the Facebook group. If you get stuck along the way and need help, you can post a question in the group and you'll get an answer back from Teela or the other amazing artists that have already taken the course. It's definitely an investment and a no-brainer for type lovers.

Learn Font Making Bonuses
Class Resource List

Class Resource List

A clickable pdf that has all of the supplies and software used throughout the class listed for easy access.

Lettering Guides

Lettering Guides

A set of printable guides (lines, italics, grid and dot grid) for keeping your lettering uniform for font making.

Illustrator Grid Template

Illustrator Grid Template

An Illustrator file to save you time with bringing your artwork from Illustrator directly into the the font making software (Glyphs), perfectly aligned.

Glyphs + Glyphs Mini Character Lists

Glyphs + Glyphs Mini Character Lists

Don't forget to hand letter all the characters you'll need with this handy list for English only and multilingual fonts.

Font Features Cheat Sheets

Font Features Cheat Sheets

Highly detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to integrate standard ligatures, discretionary ligatures, stylistic alternates and contextual alternates (initial and end forms) into your fonts for extra customization. $20 value.

Selling your Font Module

Selling your Font Module

4 videos and over 40 minutes of tips and strategies (even if you have a small social following!) for selling your fonts. Includes clickable selling tips cheat sheets for everything mentioned. $97 value.

Private Facebook Group

Private Facebook Group

Don't feel like you're alone in this! If you ever get stuck, want to share your success stories or need to talk an issue out, you'll have a font-loving community (myself included) there to listen + help.

Magnolia Script Standard and Extended Licenses

Magnolia Script Standard and Extended Licenses

The example font we use throughout the class is based on the characters from Miss Magnolia. That font (titled Magnolia Script) is included with your enrollment, so you can see the full file structure folder for both licenses and have the actual font files to refer to if you ever need them. $42 value.

 Learn Font Making Logo

The proven step-by-step process to create professional and profitable hand lettered fonts.

9 Modules
41 Videos
6.25 Hours
  • Access to 41 HD step-by-step videos
  • Lifetime access to the class
  • Unlimited updates
  • Printable lettering guides pack
  • Adobe Illustrator grid template
  • Font Features Cheat Sheets
  • Magnolia Script (standard + extended licenses)
  • Font Making Resources List (clickable pdf)
  • Selling Your Fonts bonus lessons
  • Selling Tips + Strategies Cheat Sheets
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group
  • Character Lists for Glyphs Mini and Glyphs
Brush lettering pens
Hand Lettering Pens and Brushes


  • Adobe Illustrator A basic understanding of, and access to Adobe Illustrator is needed to complete this class. The work we do in Illustrator has all the keystrokes on screen along with step by step dictation, so even if you're a beginner with Illustrator, you'll have everything you need.
  • Adobe Illustrator The font software we're using is Glyphs. You'll need to pick up a copy of the full Glyphs App OR Glyphs Mini (there's a 30 day free trial of each here: glyphsapp.com/buy). Glyphs Mini is a great place to start (Glyphs offers the ability to upgrade your purchase), but if you'd like to add additional features and customizations to your font, the full Glyphs app will be best.
  • Apple Only Mac only. Since the font making software (Glyphs) is for macs only, you'll need access to a mac desktop or laptop to successfully complete this course. You can learn many of the fundamentals of font making if you're a pc user, but all font creation work is taught using Glyphs. Please note: while I share how to prepare your lettering on an iPad in addition to traditional pen + paper, an iPad alone isn't sufficient to complete this course; you'll still need a mac desktop or laptop.
Learn Font Making money back guarentee

This course is packed with my exact methods for font making from start to finish, as well as my best font selling strategies. I'm confident these methods will help you to reach your font making goals and I want to remove any risk from the very beginning.

Take 30 days to dive into the course, implement the methods and create your own font. If you feel you haven't learned anything new, email me within those 30 days of purchase and I'll issue a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?
Sure do! If you finish the course, follow the process and feel you haven’t improved or learned anything new, email me within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.
How long can I access the course for?
Forever! As long as Every-Tuesday exists, this course will be available to watch once you’ve enrolled. This is a self-paced course, so there's no pressure to finish it in any timeframe. Take it at whatever pace you’d like, watch whenever, wherever and as many times as you’d like, as it fits your schedule.
Will I be able to access all of the videos at once?
I’m interested in enrolling with the payment plan. Will I have access to all the videos at once?
How long does it usually take to make a font?
It depends on how many characters and features you’d like to include. For a very basic font, you could finish in a week or less. For a font with more language support, styles and/or features, plan on a little extra time.
I’ve seen font making plugins and automated tools online for creating fonts. Why should I learn official font making software?
Automated tools and plugins are fine if you don’t plan to sell your font(s). Because plugins/apps are constantly being updated (bugs are common and tweaks are often), they can create font inconsistencies which are out of your control that may be unreliable to your buyers. This could prevent repeat buyers, create negative reviews of your products and make offering proper support impossible. Starting with the right software will save you time and headaches later on. If creating and selling custom fonts is something you’re serious about, font making software is always the way you should go.
I’m not very skilled in Illustrator. Will I still be able to make a working font?
Yes! In the course, Illustrator is used to vectorize and prepare the letters for the font making software. All of the steps are described in detail with all of the keystrokes listed on screen. If you're brand new to Illustrator, it may take a little extra time, but is very doable.
What’s the difference between the pro version of Glyphs and Glyphs Mini?
The main difference is the inability to add font features (like ligatures, alternate characters, etc.) with Glyphs Mini. You’ll still be able to make multilingual, fully working fonts with Glyphs Mini, though!
I’m not sure my hand lettering is ‘good enough’ to create a font with.
If you take a peek at any online marketplace where fonts are available, you’ll see a range of styles, of feelings they create and all of the different ways they can be used. There’s always room for different styles, regardless of how ‘good’ you give yours credit for ;)
Student Spotlight
Sarah M.

I was looking for a way to expand and use my growing lettering skills and the "Learn Font Making" course felt like it was designed specifically for me. Teela has really hit her stride as an educator with the course. The resources are endless, she guides you through each step of the process, and anticipates questions and issues you may have along the way. Consider yourself warned that this course makes font-making addicting! It's an added bonus that I've been able to add to my passive revenue stream as a designer - this course pays for itself in no time.

Student Spotlight
Elizabeth U.

Taking the course 'Learn Font Making' with Teela has proven to be invaluable. The attention to detail, and ease of following along, made this course enjoyable and empowering. Not only was the course easy to understand and implement, the continued support from Teela was something I was blown away by. Although font making can be a daunting skill to learn, I finished this course with confidence to go forward, into the font making and font selling world knowing I'd have success. I have since paid for the course 3 times over with the sales of my fonts in just 6 months. Teela's skills and knowledge as well as kind, genuine heart made for the perfect learning experience.

Learn Font Making Lets Do this - start making fonts today!

Welcome to Learn Font Making, your one-stop for creating professional and profitable hand lettered fonts.


Successfully completing this course requires:

  • Glyphs *or* Glyphs Mini font making software (free trial at glyphsapp.com)
  • Access to, and a basic understanding of Adobe Illustrator
  • A mac desktop or laptop computer (Glyphs is mac only)

This is the last public enrollment for 2017.

*The price of this course will increase to $397 next year*

Get started now!